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Logo design & brand identity

Bit Cultura logo design & brand identity

Project is a branding for a company focused on blockchain, bitcoin and tecnology. The task was to design simple logo, which could be easily and effectively adapted to different materials. It had to be bold. We’ve looked into each scope the company is involved and come up with a logo showing just that.

Brand identity

High Definition logo and brand design

The project started with creating a modern and striking brand identity. We worked closely with the client to design a dynamic and fresh looking logo.

Website Development

Pro Loco Galleriano Website development

Pro Loco Galleriano chose DigitalMe to redesign their site to be up to par with professional standards. We listened, understood and delivered the focus of having their website more aesthetically pleasing while retaining key information. We kept the pages concise, structured and clear allowing users to easily browse and read pages clearly.

Website Redesign

Garage Sposi Website Redesign

We created a clean and modern website with mobile design at the forefront. A streamline mobile menu, and easy one touch navigation ensures good user flow, whilst simplistic, well-structured layouts ensure maximum responsivity.
Our extensive developmental testing processes, allowed us to provide an optimal viewing experience across every mobile device.

Logo design

Fiera San Simone Logo design

We worked closely with our clients to understand their business and their needs, to shape an image that is durable, targeted, and a story that communicates a compelling reason for customers to engage.

Logo design

Codroipo in bicicletta Logo design

We developed the new logo for this event.

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